Thanksgiving Blessing by Heart In Hand Needleart

Thanksgiving Blessing by Heart In Hand Needleart
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Red & Green Pillows-1st Sewing Project

I have to admit, I am quite proud of my very first sewing machine project.  The ball fringe was a bit of a hassle at first, especially on the corners, but all in all, I think they turned out well.  Why I picked something with fringe for the first project is beyond me.  Chalk it up to a rookie mistake.

I love the pattern design.  Red and green are two of my fave colors.  These pillows seem to brighten the room I have them in.

My next project is a Christmas stocking in what else-red and green.  Ha Ha,  The material has been cut and tonight at class, I will begin to stitch it.  Can't wait to post pic of that.

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  1. This pom pom trim is AMAZING! I wish I shared your sewing machine skills.