Thanksgiving Blessing by Heart In Hand Needleart

Thanksgiving Blessing by Heart In Hand Needleart
Give Thanks!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Posted New Running Time

So Laura and I ran our best 5.62 miles yest. finishing in 58.25.  I am not a fast runner so accomplishing this made me a "happy camper".  Tomorrow is the hard route but since the weather is a little cooler, I am hoping to have a good run.  Since being on my new medicine, my energy is coming back.

As for stitching, I am feverishly finishing up a "Stitched With Love" exchange, another one waiting in the wings, and a Halloween based sampler.  Whew!  I love fall designs and lately I have seen so many I want to stitch.

I have a busy week next week:

I plan on taking my 2nd sewing lesson this coming Monday, so I am very excited bout that.
I am the guest speaker for a ladies business breakfast.  I will be speaking on skin care and fitness.
I have a doctor's appt.
Our staff at work is throwing a "going away" party for one of the staff.

So stitching at night!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's Official, I'm hooked on Sewing

Yesterday was the first day of sewing lessons. OMG, what have I been missing all these years?  There were suppose to be 2 students in the class, but the other was a no show, so I had the teacher all to myself.  She made it fun, interesting and easy.  I have decided to purchase a sewing machine and to sign up for more lessons with Janet, the teacher. (  She has a studio where she teaches small classes or one-on-one lessons.  I have no interest in sewing clothes, but oh, the crafting/finishing possibilities for my cross stitch abound.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sewing Lessons and More Fall Fabric!!!

I am so excited about taking my first sewing machine lesson tmrw.  My grandmother sewed, my mother use to sew, but I never learned how.  In the 12th grade, I took a Home Economics Class (dating myself) and paid a friend to sew my stuff for me.  Back then I had no patience or interest in it.

Over my years of cross stitching, I have framed my designs and YES paid someone else to finish them for me, including Christmas ornies.  How pitiful.  I am always wanting to finish my projects myself so I bit the bullet and went to our local Joann's Craft & Fabric store and signed up for sewing machine lessons.  Our supply list was small, and included purchasing a yard of fabric.  I love this pattern and don't care if all I do is sew a seam all the way around it.  I am sure I can use it somewhere down the road.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Home Is Where You Hang Your Needlework!

Had an exhausting 5 mile run today.  It was unbearably hot, but I did it.  Now for something fun and pretty.  I finished this piece.  I love, love it.  Think I am going to have it framed so it will be appropriate for the title.

I have a new phone but can't understand why it won't take better pics.  I will have to stop by Verizon and find out, but you get the idea.  On the right side of the sampler, I had to add my own designs around the letter "R".  The designer personalized it with her 3 initials in the original design.  I like the single letter instead.

What A Run!

Whoo Hoo!  New shoes must have helped Thursday.  I run with another woman named Laura and we ran the harder of the two routes we run.  It has more hills and we always post a longer time run with this particular route.  But not that day; we had our best run ever of all our runs to date-59:15.  We finally accomplished our 5.62 miles in under an hour.  We have been doing anywhere from 60:45-63:45 depending on how we felt.  I was so excited.

I am getting ready to run in a few minutes and am dreading it a bit because I got up too late for a morning run, which is unusual for me, because I am usually an early riser.  I will be running during the hottest part of the day but downloaded some aerobic music from  and to my IPOD to hopefully motivate me.  I plan on doing 5 miles, depending on how I feel.  Then, I need to get to stitching for my Stitched With Love Exchange new project!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Glycerin-Brooks Running Shoe!


YAY!!!  Finally, a new pair of running shoes. I went to a local store today called Strictly Running (of course!) and was fitted for a pair of shoes.  I have never had a fitting and have a suspicious feeling that I have been running in the wrong types for years.  My feet roll to the outside (supinate) so I need a "neutral" shoe and with extra cushioning.  I can't wait to try them out on Thursday. I have been putting off buying a new pair for 3 weeks.  When you can feel the road through your shoes, your knees and hips hurt, it's time for a new pair.  I am up to 17 miles a week, so I think I deserve and need them.  I will only wear them for running, so they should hold up for a while.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fabulous Fall Fabric!

I have autumn fever soooo bad.  I am ready for cooler weather.  It has been really hot and muggy here.
I am almost finished with my current stitching piece and am itching to start an autumn piece.  (kinda a rhyme)

I went into Joann's Fabric/Craft store today and purchased several things among these 2 gorgeous pieces of fabric, especially the blackbird on the pumpkin.   MMMMMM, the possibilites of incorporating this fabric into my stitching finishing pieces abound!