Thanksgiving Blessing by Heart In Hand Needleart

Thanksgiving Blessing by Heart In Hand Needleart
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sewing Lessons and More Fall Fabric!!!

I am so excited about taking my first sewing machine lesson tmrw.  My grandmother sewed, my mother use to sew, but I never learned how.  In the 12th grade, I took a Home Economics Class (dating myself) and paid a friend to sew my stuff for me.  Back then I had no patience or interest in it.

Over my years of cross stitching, I have framed my designs and YES paid someone else to finish them for me, including Christmas ornies.  How pitiful.  I am always wanting to finish my projects myself so I bit the bullet and went to our local Joann's Craft & Fabric store and signed up for sewing machine lessons.  Our supply list was small, and included purchasing a yard of fabric.  I love this pattern and don't care if all I do is sew a seam all the way around it.  I am sure I can use it somewhere down the road.

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